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Lee Konstantinou’s “No Bull: David Foster Wallace and Postironic Belief”

This essay comes from The Legacy of David Foster Wallace, edited by Samuel Cohen and Lee Konstantinou. The essay’s broken into three segments, ‘Belief, Irony, Metafiction,’ ‘Beyond the Fourth Wall,’ and ‘Infinite Jest and the Avant-Garde.’ It’s worth pointing out … Continue reading

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The Conspicuously Young are Having Too Much Fun

In “Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young” (published in 1988, his first nonfiction piece), David Foster Wallace criticizes an movement of writers called the Conspicuously Young (C.Y.),1 twenty-something authors who published novels around the 1980’s. To say that DFW criticizes these … Continue reading

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Philip Sayer’s “Representing Entertainment(s) in Infinite Jest”

Sayers begins his essay by comparing Roland Barthes’ description of cinema from his essay “Upon Leaving the Movie Theater” to Wallace’s descriptions of The Entertainment. Sayers cites that both texts “[compare] the movie-going experience to hypnosis, and [describe] the spectator … Continue reading

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Artist’s Rendition of Mario

Hey guys! While I was snooping around the web preparing my blog post for tomorrow, I stumbled across this artist’s visualization of Mario: What are your thoughts? (P.S. I seem to have stumbled into an incredibly engaging world of fan … Continue reading

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So, I am really eager to talk about the end of the novel, and have been planning on talking about the end on Thursday, but if another class or two means more people will be finished and it improves our … Continue reading

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President Gentle and the Trash Solution. This seems eerily familiar…

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The Death of Shock, for its Own Sake

In “An Extended Interview with David Foster Wallace,” Larry McCafferty converses with Wallace about Wallace’s past, his style of writing, and the state of his generation of artists. Wallace, ever the introvert, steers the main bulk of this interview away … Continue reading

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