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Addiction and Obsession, Two Sides of the Same Coin

“As are tattoos. Almost always gotten on impulse, tattoos are vividly, chillingly permanent. The shopworn ‘Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure’ would seem to have been almost custom-designed for the case of tattoos. For a while, the new resident Tiny … Continue reading

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A.A. as a Method of Structuring Time

There seems to be no one in the novel more obsessed and inhabited by time than the hard-core drug addicts. After using drugs to escape from the mundane realities of time for so long, they need a structure in place … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Day’s Struggle

“Mr. Gately Sir, I found myself sitting tonight in yet another Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting the central Message of which was the importance of going to still more Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings.  This infuriating carrot-and-donkey aspect of trudging to Meetings only to … Continue reading

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Lyle’s Universal Truth: The Power of Objects in Addiction

“Do not underestimate objects! Lyle says he finds it impossible to over-stress this: do not underestimate objects” (394). This excerpt begins a section in which Ortho (“The Darkness”) Stice comes to Lyle for advice because every night, his bed moves to … Continue reading

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What is Addiction’s True Purpose?

‘And so,’ she said, ‘but then I quit. And a couple of weeks after I’ve smoked a lot and finally stopped and quit and gone back to really living, after a couple of weeks this feeling always starts creeping in, … Continue reading

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A New Study of Addiction

To piggyback on the last post, a timely article just appeared on The Huffington Post by Johann Hari, “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think.” New research shows that chemical addiction is only … Continue reading

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