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Nanette Wylde’s Storyland (Version 2)

Nanette Wylde’s Storyland (Version 2) is a computer-generated combinatorial story published in 2004. With a click of a button, the viewer is shown a blank, black screen. Multicolored letters appear individually at the top of the screen in a title … Continue reading

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The Transformation of Literature in the Electronic Age

Reading electronic literature is frustrating. Analyzing electronic literature is frustrating. I like traditional literature. I understand traditional literature. You analyze the context of the passage or linearity of the plot, etc. But here? There’s none of that. I’m not saying … Continue reading

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Narrative as Performance in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest is itself a performance: its narrative comprises so many story lines that it reinvents the idea of narrative, and the story lines intersect in such unexpected, often adventitious ways that even “hypertext” fails to describe the work. Perhaps … Continue reading

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What is Addiction’s True Purpose?

‘And so,’ she said, ‘but then I quit. And a couple of weeks after I’ve smoked a lot and finally stopped and quit and gone back to really living, after a couple of weeks this feeling always starts creeping in, … Continue reading

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