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Come see a free pre-screening of Unfriended!

Hey all, I’m gonna mention this in class, but there’s going to be a free screening of the movie Unfriended in the William Pitt Union tomorrow night. I work anti-piracy security for movie pre-screenings, so I’ll be working it, but … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the CAVE: Justin Katko’s “Up Against the Screen Motherfuckers”

Coming in at under three minutes, Katko’s QuickTime video is a brief and violent affair. The visuals are strikingly colorful and erratic, generated by a malfunctioning graphical interface that was fed a string of data. The only cohesive “image” that … Continue reading

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An Erratic Tachistoscope

Although advancements in printing techniques increased the proliferation of books around the world, the user interface of books has remained relatively the same through the centuries. While the way a book is produced today is different than it was several … Continue reading

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Timothy Jacobs, “The Idea of Order in Gerard Manley Hopkins and David Foster Wallace”

This essay is densely packed with quotes from Infinite Jest, various interviews with Wallace, writings from Hopkins, and statements from other literary scholars. I found myself having to jump frequently back and forth between Jacobs’ writing and his endnotes to keep … Continue reading

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Inverted Nukes and Cartographic Facial Identity

Between pages 128 to 135 alone, yrstruly uses the word “map” eleven times to refer to someone’s face, during that section with C and Poor Tony. With a little bit of context, it was an easy substitution to figure out, and I … Continue reading

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