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Vannevar Bush and the Bomb

Vannevar Bush was the head of the Manhattan Project, so his comments at the end of As We May Think were most definitely influenced by an insiders knowledge of the nuclear project, and for a man so in tune with … Continue reading

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Star Wars, one letter at a time

This is the simplest piece of electronic literature that I have examined up to this point. I was drawn to it because there is a part of my soul that owes an eternal debt to Lucas and the world that … Continue reading

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Keep it Bouncing

I would like to talk about endings, specifically what I have come to expect from an ending, and how Moulthrop’s Reagan’s Library completely turn my expectation on its head. At the end of Reagan’s Library, for those of you who … Continue reading

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A Program Man

Mark McGurl’s essay the Institution of Nothing is about the way in which Wallace deals with the idea of the Infinite and the Zero that form the abyss, or the void as McGurl refers to it. The existential investigation that … Continue reading

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A.A. as a Method of Structuring Time

There seems to be no one in the novel more obsessed and inhabited by time than the hard-core drug addicts. After using drugs to escape from the mundane realities of time for so long, they need a structure in place … Continue reading

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Wallace and Hunter S. Thompson

Hey all. I mentioned to my older brother that we were about to get into Infinite Jest so he sent me an article written by Wallace, for the magazine Harper’s, that he felt had informed him about Wallace’s voice and … Continue reading

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