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Convergent, Conversational, Communal Storytelling on /r/NoSleep

Electronic literature has opened the door for anyone to become a writer and share their work with a large audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every piece of contemporary online literature is high quality work, but the popularity of certain … Continue reading

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Simultaneous Recall: The Wholeness of Strickland’s Book

Traditional stories, like the way humans perceive time, are told linearly. However, as thought has evolved, time has begun to be understood as not linear. Some people believe that time, in its temporal dimension, may exist all at once, simultaneously. … Continue reading

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Beyond the Right Frame

I just finished Infinite Jest, and the ending was kind of… unsatisfying to say the least. But Wallace wouldn’t just leave us hanging, would he? According to this theory, Wallace left clues for what happens next after the final pages … Continue reading

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The Death of Shock, for its Own Sake

In “An Extended Interview with David Foster Wallace,” Larry McCafferty converses with Wallace about Wallace’s past, his style of writing, and the state of his generation of artists. Wallace, ever the introvert, steers the main bulk of this interview away … Continue reading

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Close Reading One

Page 26-27 “He thought very broadly of desires and ideas being watched but not acted upon, he thought of impulses being starved of expression and drying out and floating dryly away, and felt on some level that this had something … Continue reading

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