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Bodily Taboos

For this blog post, I chose Shelley Jackson’s My Body mostly because I wanted to see how similar or dissimilar it was from Patchwork Girl.  The page that begins the text is very similar to that of Patchwork Girl.  It … Continue reading

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Reading Electronic Literature: Everything is Significant

One of the most important aspects to consider when reading electronic literature is the form it takes and how this affects the way we read it.  As with many of the electronic texts we’ve read this semester, Stephanie Strickland’s “Vniverse” … Continue reading

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Empathy and the Struggle of Clinical Depression

In his essay “‘Psychotic Depression’ and Suicide in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest,” Eric A. Thomas makes the argument that the character of Kate Gompert “exists solely … as a platform for Wallace to detail the physical and mental pain … Continue reading

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Artist’s Rendition of Mario

Hey guys! While I was snooping around the web preparing my blog post for tomorrow, I stumbled across this artist’s visualization of Mario: What are your thoughts? (P.S. I seem to have stumbled into an incredibly engaging world of fan … Continue reading

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Self-Awareness: A Look Inside Yourself

“Tiny Ewell, in a blue suit and laser chronometer and tiny shoes whose shine you could read by, is sharing a dirty aluminum ashtray with Nell Gunther, who has a glass eye which she amuses herself by usually wearing so … Continue reading

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Addiction and Substances as Characters

Hey guys! As I was doing the reading for tomorrow’s class, I couldn’t help but notice how Wallace capitalizes references to addiction and the sources of addiction. To name a few moments, Orin refers to his sexual exploits as “Subjects,” with … Continue reading

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