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Books About Blue

Hey guys, If anyone really enjoyed William Gass’s On Being Blue, you might want to check out Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, published in 2009.  It delves through the author’s personal experiences, interlaced with the endless meanings of the color blue.  It’s composed as a … Continue reading

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Six Year Olds Have iPads?

“The first thirty seconds in a person’s presence are the most important” (Black Box). Likewise, the first thirty seconds on a webpage are the most important—it better be intriguing, or it’ll be getting the X.  Black Box, a short story … Continue reading

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Click here: In This World You Matter

“Climb high enough in this not-quite world and you could lose your way between flying and falling. Blue above, blue below, soft bright white between; the waters of the earth and the waters of the firmament. Wordhoard… Modally appropriate headgear… … Continue reading

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Independent of the Spoon

Marshall Boswell’s chapter entitled “Infinite Jest: Too Much Fun for Anyone Mortal to Hope to Endure,” within Understanding David Foster Wallace, delves into Wallace’s entrance into the postmodernism fiction community, the sheer mass of the book and the interactivity is … Continue reading

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Close (Infinite) Reading 1

“He thought very broadly of desires and ideas being watched but not acted upon, the thought of impulses being starved of expression and drying out and floating dryly away, and felt on some level that this had something to do … Continue reading

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