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Embodiment in Everybody Dies

At the inception of the “digital game”, two camps spawned fairly independently of each other. One was a game that had visuals but very little plot. Pong, Tetris, even Pac-Man and Mario are of this type. “Computer technology”, which for … Continue reading

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Project for Tachistoscope

A phrase often spoken within our class, and Narrative and Technology before it, was “The medium is the message”, coined by Marshall McLuhan. One can certainly debate whether that is true for all scenarios or not, but nothing describes better … Continue reading

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N. Katherine Hayles’ “The illusion of autonomy and the fact of recursivity: Virtual Ecologies, Entertainment, and Infinite Jest”

Katherine Hayles’ The Illusion of Autonomy and the Fact of Recursivity, is, as could be expected, all about loops. Specifically, loops that western civilization (America mainly) are trapped inside due to a lack of awareness to said loops, and the … Continue reading

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President Gentle and the Trash Solution. This seems eerily familiar…

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Addiction and Obsession, Two Sides of the Same Coin

“As are tattoos. Almost always gotten on impulse, tattoos are vividly, chillingly permanent. The shopworn ‘Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure’ would seem to have been almost custom-designed for the case of tattoos. For a while, the new resident Tiny … Continue reading

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