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I saw another blog post regarding a specific game, Peasant’s Quest, which, as stated in that other post, is a game constructed within the universe existing on The game itself is a fine example of a piece of interacive … Continue reading

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Subliminality in Interactive Electronic Literature

William Poundstone’s Project for Tachistoscope is also called the Bottomless Pit, as it is an experimental piece of electronic literature that explores the use of sub-conscious flashes of images, words, and sounds and their effect on the reader. A tachistoscope … Continue reading

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Blog Post 2; Response to Critical Essay

The main argument of the essay Infinite Jest: Triangles, Cycles, Choices and Chases is that there is a schematic theme of fractals and recurrent cycles that underlie the construction of the narrative, multiple themes within the novel (choice, absence, and … Continue reading

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Close Reading a Passage; Blog Post 1

“Troeltsch says he for his own part wouldn’t be just sitting and lying there if any of the Little Buddies under his personal charge were out there getting potentially injured, and Hal reflects that he does feel a certain sort … Continue reading

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