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Still Standing: Motion-Sensitive Poetic Forms

Camille Utterback’s Still Standing is an installation art piece in which a motion-sensitive projector displays words at the bottom of the screen. When someone interacts with the piece by walking across the screen, the text reacts to the movement as … Continue reading

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Happy New Year: Everyday Language in Vidzilla’s Resolution

I went back to Vidzilla’s Resolution because something was bugging me about this text now that we’ve encountered other interactive texts. I think that something is that it feels almost too “easy” to understand. Not easy to interpret, but rather … Continue reading

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Jumping the Gun and a Call for Submissions

I know we haven’t gotten our papers back yet, but based on the discussions we’ve had in class, I can safely assume that quite a few of us have written pretty good papers (not just in this class, but in … Continue reading

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Drowning in a Flood of Information: David Letzler on Cruft in Infinite Jest

Letzler, David. “Encyclopedic Novels and the Cruft of Fiction: Infinite Jest’s Endnotes.” Studies in the Novel 44, no. 3 (Fall 2012): 303-24. If my memory serves me right, we’ve voiced our bafflement over Wallace’s use of endnotes since day one. … Continue reading

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This is my position(?): Tiny Ewell and the problem of talking to yourself

‘I’m not denying anything. I’m simply asking you to define “alcoholic.” How can you ask me to attribute to myself a given term if you refuse to define the term’s meaning? I’ve been a reasonably successful personal-injury attorney for sixteen … Continue reading

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The “Hole Punch”

Someone asked last class what the deal is with that weird circle illustration that begins quite a few sections in the novel. As of our reading due Tuesday, this “hole punch” (as referred to in class) will have appeared on pages 3,17, … Continue reading

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