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Anchorhead: Turning the Page with Gentry’s Command Line

Close Reading of Anchorhead, by: Michael Gentry Granting us readers the single most powerful tool of true fiction interactivity, Michael Gentry bestows to us the command line in his digital fiction masterpiece, Anchorhead. This provides us with a new dimension … Continue reading

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Water in Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace’s Keynote Commencement Address, “This is Water”, given to Kenyon College graduates of 2005, begins with the “didactic little parable-ish [story]” of two fish pondering what water is. Wallace posits to the audience that “the most obvious, important … Continue reading

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“The Kingdom of Bugs”; Entomology In Infinite Jest

“The bitch of the thing is you have to want to. If you don’t want to do as you’re told – I mean as it’s suggested you do – it means that your own personal will is still in control, … Continue reading

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