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The Book of Sand: Agency in the Reader-Book Relationship

The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges is a hypertext that consists of eight pages in random order. The text includes clues that the reader can use to rearrange the pages into a cohesive chronological narrative. If the reader … Continue reading

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Peasant’s Quest: Children’s Game or Interactive Fiction?

Michael S. Gentry’s Anchorhead reminded me of computer games that I used to play in my younger days, like Peasant’s Quest. This game comes from, a kids’ site from the early 2000’s. In Peasant’s Quest, you play a lowly peasant who seeks revenge … Continue reading

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V: The Incomplete Rhizome

                      Al jabr: 3 to bind, to set bones, to name the unknown as such — to worship a sign; 4 geo-            metrein: to move, … Continue reading

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The Conspicuously Young are Having Too Much Fun

In “Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young” (published in 1988, his first nonfiction piece), David Foster Wallace criticizes an movement of writers called the Conspicuously Young (C.Y.),1 twenty-something authors who published novels around the 1980’s. To say that DFW criticizes these … Continue reading

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Lyle’s Universal Truth: The Power of Objects in Addiction

“Do not underestimate objects! Lyle says he finds it impossible to over-stress this: do not underestimate objects” (394). This excerpt begins a section in which Ortho (“The Darkness”) Stice comes to Lyle for advice because every night, his bed moves to … Continue reading

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Tennis, Unrequited Love, and MURDER!

When I read this Rolling Stone article a few years ago, I remember thinking, wow, who knew that DFW was a sweaty, murderous ladies’ man? When I revisited it today, I realized that it was based on the biography by D.T. Max, whom … Continue reading

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