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Translating Walter Benjamin in John Cayley’s Translation

First of all, I had to turn the music off after a while. No offense to Giles Herring, but it was particularly unpleasant (and from checking out some of the other texts mentioned in these posts, I’m realizing that disorienting, … Continue reading

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Running into Brick Walls in Anchorhead

First off, I would just like to preface with this: I am really, really bad at interactive fiction. I hesitate to include specific details about the narrative because I think that this is a really fun text that discourages spoilers, … Continue reading

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Infantile Fantasy in Infinite Jest

Mary K. Holland, “‘The Art’s Heart’s Purpose’: Braving the Narcissistic Loop of Infinite Jest” At this point, I think we’re all too familiar with Wallace’s stated hope for literature from his 1993 interview with Larry McCaffery and Wallace’s own essay … Continue reading

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Erasing Infinite Jest

So a couple weeks ago, Brad posted a link to a twitterbot that was playing on the repetitive, infinite nature of IJ. I just stumbled upon another Wallace connection in the twittersphere: an account called “@erasinginfinite,” whose owner Jenni B. … Continue reading

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Donning the Veil: U.H.I.D. Explained

“In other words you hide your hiding… U.H.I.D. allows members to be open about their essential need for concealment. In other words we don the veil. We don the veil and wear the veil proudly and stand very straight and … Continue reading

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The Function of Art in Infinite Jest

A bit of a digression here, but something that piqued my interest: what is Wallace doing with all the art allusions? The word “baroque” comes up three times alone in the Boston AA chapter (344, 346, 359), and while of … Continue reading

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