Jumping the Gun and a Call for Submissions

I know we haven’t gotten our papers back yet, but based on the discussions we’ve had in class, I can safely assume that quite a few of us have written pretty good papers (not just in this class, but in other literature classes).

I’ve been doing a publication project throughout this semester and recently started researching undergraduate academic journals that focus specifically on English studies (not a general undergraduate journal like the Pitt Undergraduate Review). I didn’t spend too long on the search, but the grand total of undergrad English journals I found was three.

One of them, USC Aiken’s The Oswald Review, has a fast-approaching deadline for submissions (which is why I’ve jumped the gun and made this post). I’ve provided the submission details below:

  • Electronic submission in Microsoft Word via e-mail attachment. All copy provided in current MLA format, justified to left margin only and without headers and footers.  Endnotes should be avoided.
  • Title page must include title of work, author’s name, postal address (both local and permanent), telephone number, e-mail address (both school and home), name and address of college, and name and department of endorsing professor.
  • Professor’s endorsement that work is original with the student for a specific course and free of plagiarism; e-mail certification can be sent under separate cover.
  • Length: five to twenty-five pages
  • Typeface: Times Roman 12 pt.
  • Deadline: March 31 (or nearest business day) for submissions; July 30 for e-mail notification of decision by editorial board.
  • Concurrent submission is discouraged.  Authors should not submit articles to more than one journal at the same time.

The Oswald Review has been around since 1999 and has published a number of fun articles, with topics that range from Titus Andronicus to The Lorax. You can go through the journal’s archive here.

I know that some people in class are interested in grad school, so having a publication under your belt would be a great way to build your CV. Even if you’re not interested in grad school, the thrill of getting published is pretty damn awesome.

The other two journals, by the way, are the University of Maryland’s Paper Shell Review and UC Berkeley’s Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal. Their deadlines for submissions were back in February, but I highly recommend you check them both out and submit to them if you can. My friend and fellow Pitt student Steven Boyd was published in Paper Shell’s Spring 2014 issue for his essay on Phillis Wheatley.

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1 Response to Jumping the Gun and a Call for Submissions

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this and for jumping the gun. Sadly, it’s gonna be at least another week before I have your papers back, but anyone who is thinking about submitting to this, I’d be happy to talk w/ you well before the deadline (say, later this week) about possible revisions. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


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