Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


I thought I’d share this with the veterans of Brad’s Narrative and Technology class (and for anyone else into games). This is the Chinese Room’s spiritual successor to Dear Esther, called Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It’s the first footage released for the game, with voiceovers by the director (Dan Pinchbeck) and composer (Jessica Curry), the exact same people behind Dear Esther.

I think it’s gonna be awesome, so if you liked DE then I highly recommend this whenever it might come out. It’s set in post-apocalyptic 1984, but it sure doesn’t look like anything I imagine that to be, and that intrigues me even more.


About Steph Roman

2015 University of Pittsburgh grad with majors in nonfiction writing and English literature. Formerly of the Pitt News and PublicSource. I like games and nerd culture in general.
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1 Response to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

  1. epiratequeen says:

    This looks really interesting. I really liked Dear Esther, though I understand why a lot of gamers don’t. The comments on the article you linked are kind of surprising to me–there’s about an even mix of “this looks cool” and “how is this a game; you don’t even get to shoot anything” attitudes.


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