Beyond the Right Frame

I just finished Infinite Jest, and the ending was kind of… unsatisfying to say the least. But Wallace wouldn’t just leave us hanging, would he? According to this theory, Wallace left clues for what happens next after the final pages of the novel. This page is just a theory, and contains a lot of speculation, but it is still really interesting to read about.

P.S. The theory was created by Aaron Swartz, who was one of the people who founded

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3 Responses to Beyond the Right Frame

  1. mdr50 says:

    I have not quite finished the novel yet, but I think it is worth mentioning for anyone else who shares mattdice’s sentiment that it may also be worth taking the time to read Samuel Cohen’s article “To Wish to Try to Sing to the Next Generation: Infinite Jest’s History.” Cohen proposes several very interesting theories that deal with the “unsatisfying” ending and why the character’s stories never fully reconcile with one another by the novel’s end.


  2. mjp99 says:

    My only problem with this argument (and it is a good one) is how does Orin know about the lethal nature of the cartridge? Joelle, who was considerably closer to JOI and the project at the end of his life, didn’t suspect its effects whatsoever. If Orin doesn’t know about its effect, why go through digging it up? And why wouldn’t he target his own family?


    • mattdice says:

      You bring up a good point, and I don’t know how Orin could have known about the lethality of the Entertainment when literally no one else knew about it. So that’s a mystery.

      But if he was the person that sent them out, I don’t think he hates his family enough to try to use the Entertainment on them. As to who he sent it to, there is a theory that he sent it to people with whom his mother has had affairs, which might point to the oedipal relationship that has been hinted at. Although, all of this is speculation at best, and there is that big gaping hole where we don’t know how he could have known about the Entertainment in the first place.


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