So, I am really eager to talk about the end of the novel, and have been planning on talking about the end on Thursday, but if another class or two means more people will be finished and it improves our discussion, I would be in favor of delaying our conversation and talking about something else on Thursday, maybe even a kind of midterm workshop (share ideas in groups and do some kind of activity). What do people think?


About Bradley J. Fest

Bradley J. Fest is assistant professor of English at Hartwick College. He is the author of two books of poetry, The Rocking Chair (Blue Sketch, 2015) and The Shape of Things (Salò, 2017), along with a number of essays on contemporary literature and culture. He blogs at The Hyperarchival Parallax.
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  1. flynn352 says:

    I think that’d be fantastic. I’ve still got plenty of progress to make on the book, and an extra few days would be great.


  2. 1ady1azarus says:

    I’m all for a group workshop experience. I think it’d be really productive to break into groups of three or so and have every group explore a different thread of the novel and then to come back together as a class and share them all. There’s so much ground to cover.


  3. kalihira says:

    I also really like the idea of both pushing back our conversation about the ending for a class or two, and having a group workshop experience for the midterm paper. I feel like that would be very helpful.


  4. pmc9122 says:

    I think the small group discussions could be helpful, especially with the caliber of discussion across the board from everyone. I vote aye for groups.


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